Affiliate program

Quantum Forex Options defines its Partner Program as a target loyalty program in the form of business decisions between the investor and the company for further cooperation. All users of the program who have registered will be able to earn extra income by attracting new investors to the process of cooperation with our company.

Each user has the opportunity to receive the profit in accordance with the five-level partnership offer from the company Quantum Forex Options.

The conditions for the cooperation are the following:

The common participants in the affiliate program will be charged a fee of 5% of the deposit amount for each partner invited.

To become an agent the total amount of all contributions made by you and your partner must exceed the sum of more than $200. In this case, the participants with the status of "Agent" will receive different rewards depending on the structure level and status (of the involved sum).

  • For example:
  • Status 1. You involved $200, your interest will be:
  • Level 16.00%
  • Level 22.00%
  • Level 30.50%
  • Level 40.00%
  • Level 50.00%
  • Status 2. You involved $2000, your interest will be:
  • Level 17.00%
  • Level 22.10%
  • Level 30.60%
  • Level 40.30%
  • Level 50.00%

As your structure grows, your interest will also rise.

The table of the structure growth:

Agent statusLevel 1Level 2Level 3Level 4Level 5Involved sum (USD)*
Status 05.00%0%0%0%0%$0
Status 16.00%2.00%0.50%0.00%0.00%$200
Status 27.00%2.10%0.60%0.30%0.00%$2,000
Status 38.00%2.20%0.70%0.40%0.20%$6,000
Status 49.00%2.30%0.80%0.50%0.30%$14,000
Status 510.00%2.40%0.90%0.60%0.40%$20,000
Status 6 11.00%2.50%1.00%0.70%0.50%$40,000
Status 712.00%2.60%1.10%0.80%0.60%$60,000
Status 814.00%2.80%1.20%0.90%0.70%$80,000
Status 916.00%3.00%1.30%1.00%0.80%$100,000
Status 1018.00%3.20%1.40%1.10%0.90%$120,000
Status 1120.00%3.40%1.50%1.20%1.00%$150,000
Status 1222.00%4.00%2.00%1.50%1.10%$250,000+
Partner remuneration is carried out exclusively from the company's income, without using an affiliate program cash of investors. Payments are charged automatically into the deposit made by an invited investor.

*The second level partner is the investor, which was invited by a partner of your first level.
**Third level Partner is the investor, which was invited by your second level partner.


Conditions of participation:

1. Member of the partnership must be registered on the website of the Quantum Forex Options;
2. Connect with potential investors;
3. Provide as much information to potential investors about investment conditions in our company;
4. Check and make sure that the registration of new investors is used with Your personal affiliate link;
5. Ensure that the new partners have no difficulty in finding the necessary promotional materials in their private offices.
6. A participant may advertise the company's products by placing the affiliate link to relevant specialized Internet resources.

Special conditions of participation in the partnership:
Partners are prohibited to use SPAM in the process of inviting new participants.
We will monitor these circumstances and in the case of revealing the fact of the use of any partner forbidden technology SPAM, we will block such account and at its sole discretion will fix the entire structure of the offending partner for a guest or another behind him.